We offer more than 40 types of training courses.
Training courses are carried out in our centers in Krakow and Gdansk, as well as in every location across Poland requested by the customer which is possible thanks to our mobile training facilities. Furthermore, we gladly provide courses in the training centers of the Department of Energy Production and Use, of the Department of Telecommunications and in other locations. All training courses are run either as basic or as refresher trainings. Our offer is addressed to both corporate and individual Clients. Our office offers help in finding accommodation. During training courses, a catering company provides a full-service custom catering.

Would you be interested in participating in one of the below mentioned training courses, please do not hesitate to contact us at: office@rockmaster.eu.

All trainings are conducted based on a certified altitude training management system ensuring the highest level of safety and the British standard BS 8454: 2006

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Working at heights - tranings

Training courses for lead technicians and supervisors

Specialized training courses

Course for everybody who works at height as a worker or other.
Course for everybody who operates machines at height.
Construction sites
Practical training for construction workers.
Traning for linemen and other workers of the mobile telecommunications
Telecom technician
Training for linemen of the fixed telecommunications.
Installation electrician
Training for installation electricians.
Industrial mountaineer
A professional training for candidates wishing to become a rope access technician
Training for everybody performing services, such as for example roof snow removal.
Storage racks
Training for everybody working on high storage racks.
A training on the safe use of ladders.
A practical training for rope access technicians expanding knowledge and rope techniques skills applied when raising, maintaining and removing trees.
Scaffold worker
Traning for everybody wishing to become a scaffold worker; concludes with a state exam carried out by IMBiGS ( The Institute of Mechanized Construction and Rock Mining).
Safety netting
Training for safety net installers specializing in S, V, T and U systems.
Formwork carpenter
Training course for carpenters dealing with shuttering as well as vertical and horizontal timber formwork systems; the course provides both theoretical knowledge and practical skills and is equally focused on shuttering techniques and work-at-height safety procedures.
Training for rope access technicians and cable technicians; focused on vertical transport of heavy loads.
Storage tanks
Training for everybody performing work in confined spaces.
Wind turbines
Training for everbody performing work in wind power plant.
Training for carpenters and roofers performing work on flat and tilted roofs

Refresher training courses for everyone working at heights

International standards trainings