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VRAPP at Height

VRAPP at Height - an innovation in WAH training

VRAPP at Height is a carefully planned VR-based height training system. It is aimed at individuals interested in working safely at height and companies performing work at height in sectors such as the manufacturing industry, telecommunications, energy and construction.

The training system consists of three-part scenarios; the elements of each scenario are: a VR instructional video showing what is about to happen in the VR application, equipment selection, and the actual VR application for the task to be performed. Each of these scenarios is offered in 2 modes: basic mode and learning mode. In the basic mode, the user is not notified of any errors. In the learning mode, a strict instructor points out any mistake made. Negative points are assigned for those. To complete the training, a minimum number of points must be achieved. These are displayed at the end of each respective scenario. After successfully completing a series of scenarios selected by the company organizing the training, one can receive a certificate confirming the acquisition of knowledge in a specific area, for assessmentple, safe work on a flat roof. The scenarios are tailored to industries by implementing them in specific environments, for assessmentple, climbing a chimney.

VRAPP at Height is made available through a System Sharing Platform (PUS) and access codes.

VR training modes

Our VR training has four modes available to the user:

    • learning mode – a virtual instructor guides the user through the training (information on errors made),
    • basic mode – a virtual instructor does not guide the user through the training (no information on errors made),
    • therapeutic mode – for persons suffering from fear of heights,
    • stimulating mode – for persons who have fallen into a routine in their work at height.
Na grafice znajduje się kierownik przy konstrukcji

VR environments

Our VR training reflects realistic working environments such as:

    • an energy industry training site
    • a telecoms training site
    • a roof
    • a construction site
    • a high bay warehouse
    • a production hall
    • a chimney
Na obrazku znajdują się specjalistyczne sprzęty

Innovative methods, real results

VRAPP at Height is not just modern technology – it is a thoughtfully designed learning app. It contains industry-specific training scenarios, allowing you to achieve practical skills through direct engagement in the learning process. In the learning mode, you will receive direct feedback and a point-based system motivates you to improve and achieve the required level of competence. At the end of the training, you will earn a certificate as proof of you having understood and assimilated key safety principles. Every step of the process, from equipment selection to rescue procedures, has been meticulously designed to ensure maximum learning benefits. The app is supported by the dedicated System Sharing Platform and can be accessed in any language in the world; VRAPP at Height is key to raising safety standards in the workplace.

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