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Aptitude assessment for working at heights

Professional aptitude assessment for work at height

The professional aptitude assessment for work at height is conducted by checking the level of fear of heights displayed by WAH candidates during a VR simulation.

Through testing in a VR simulation, you have the chance to test your or your future employees’ aptitude for working at height: on construction sites, wind turbines, oil rigs, in telecommunications, high-storage warehouses and in first responder roles, where working at height might be needed.

Osoba wypełniająca badanie ankieterskie

Testing procedure

The participant completes an aptitude questionnaire and takes part in a VR simulation consisting of:

  • a high altitude reaction test 
  • an industry-specific scenario 

The industry-specific scenario is a virtual reality simulation of a setting typical for the future/potential job area, i.e. a power pole, an aerial platform, a roof, an overpass, a wind turbine, a chimney, a telecommunications tower, a high-bay warehouse.

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