On 26-29 th of October A+A Trade Fair will be held in Dusseldorf after one-year break. We are very pleased that we could invite you to visit us there this year: hall 10, stand 32.

The Rock Master Research and Development Center has developed and patented several new fall protection inventions for the construction industry and more (see below). You will be able to see them by visiting our stand.

Addidtionaly, we have prepared a surprise for you – you will be able to check what it is like at a really high altitude in safe area.

Verital-Horizontal Metal Wire Safety System Track Master

The most important feature of Track Master System is the anchoring device with the function of self-locking which  is used to travel along the entire system, ensuring the continuity of assurance during the transition from the vertical (ladder) to the horizontal (roof), likewise when passing through a roof hatch (vertical) to the roof (horizontal). Exactly this system protected by a patent gives the unprecedented level of safety and convenience when working at height.

Please watch the video to see how it works:

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Track Master

Forwork Safety Hook and Posts

The system of safe formwork work consists a set of SAS formwork posts and a HAS formwork hook. This system works with formwork from Doka, Hünnebeck, Ulma and Peri.

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Formwork Safety
Hook HAS
Formwork Safety
Posts SAS

System T - safety nets

Type T safety nets with brackets. T-type safety nets are not only used to protect edges on construction sites, but we have designed them to protect against falling of employees. Our red T-type nets can be seen on many construction sites in Poland. We supply the largest construction companies operating in Poland.

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Scoring Scaffold Safety Hook

Shoring Scaffold Safety Hook (HAWP) is a personal fall protection device conforming to EN795B standard.
HAWP is a mobile anchor point providing fall protection for workers during their operations on shoring towers. It is available in two versions: small for diameters (and profiles) ranging from 48 to 80 mm, and large for 100 to 120 mm. Attachment point is located in a spot which allows for easy connection with safety lanyard. Eccentric lever provides tight fit of the hook onto a shoring prop. Ratchet mechanism requires two, sequential operations to open and dismount a hook, therefore it protects from unintentional dismantling. Elastomer inserts enhance fitment and protect from slippage. Because of its self-tightening abilities it can be used when moving vertically and diagonally. It can be also used in a same way as a conventional connector (for climbing ladders etc.). HAWP is patented by European Patent Office and was certified by PRS.

Container acces system

Container access system  consists modular ladders which are meant to be mounted into holes of container castings.

Modular ladder is integrated with vertical anchor line, anchor points and exiting post. All these elements provide continuity of protection while moving on different levels of construction containers.

System was designed in conformance with  EN795B and DIN18799-2 standards.

Safety Working at Height VR Training

This type of training gives the opportunity to make mistakes and experience situations that under normal conditions pose a threat to health and life. Thanks to this, the participants of our trainings can look at work at height in a completely new way. This is a tremendous educational value that cannot be experienced in any other (safe) way. More information below.

Please watch the video beside to see how it works.

Safety Working at Height VR Training

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