Type-T Safety Nets

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Type T safety nets with brackets. T-type safety nets are not only used to protect edges on construction sites, but we have designed them to protect against falling of employees. Our red T-type nets can be seen on many construction sites in Poland. We supply the largest construction companies operating in Poland.

 The key features of the T- system are:

  • a polypropylene net with a mesh size of 100x100mm, equipped with a border rope that prevents at-height-working people from a fall, and integrated with a protective net that prevents materials and objects from falling down
  • a gallow (6m x 3,2m) used for securing the net on the surface, anchored to the roof of a building
  • The system is certified for falls up to 6 m.
  • Assembly, transport and disassembly of the system require a crane.

The system was designed and manufactured in accordance with all applicable norms and regulations, and complies with the following provisions: EN 1263-1 and EN 1263-2 which cover safety requirements for nets used in a working-at-height environment.

Would you be interested in renting do not hestitate to contact us: office@rockmaster.eu


Air mats are considered an innovative solution. This system relies on the properties of compressed air – our air mats were designed to create cushioning effects for every fall.

Our air mats were developed and promoted by Airtek. For the last 10 years they have saved a number of lives across the United Kingdom.

This system can be considered the missing link in the safety of the work-at-height services. It is out of doubt that air mats are the easiest and the most inexpensive solution, as no specialized training is required.

The entire system consists of air mats of various sizes, pipe connectors, a pump shaft sleeve and an electric or engine-driven pump.

Would you be interested in renting do not hestitate to contact us: office@rockmaster.eu