Research and Development Center in Balice

In 2017, we opened a modern Research and Development Center in Balice, where:     

  • design     
  • create     
  • conduct research and tests

our innovative fall protection devices. Our goal is to produce equipment for working at heights that has not yet been invented.

We will be presenting our latest patented fall arrest system at the Dusseldorf Trade Fair in Germany on 5-8.11.2019 at stand G22 in hall H10. You’re welcome.

Training Center in Kostrzyn Wielkopolski

The Rock Master Training Center in Kostrzyn Wielkopolski (near Poznań) is the first professional facility in Poland built specifically for training in safe work at height. In January 2019, the Center was expanded and modernized due to the very large number of trainings. We have fully equipped lecture halls with sanitary facilities. A separate building is a roofed training hall with a height of 10.5 m intended for practical classes. The hall was designed in such a way as to be able to implement all possible scenarios that may occur during work at height. We also offer hotel base and catering.

Training Center in Cracow

Rock Master Training Center in Cracow is being constantly modernized in order to meet the uninterruptedly rising safety standards. It is a roofed and heated facility with a total surface of 350 m2. At our disposal, there are three spacious training rooms with total height of 16 m, 9 m and 6 m respectively, and two fully air-conditioned lecture rooms equipped with audio-video technology. Furthermore, our center is proud of varied roof types that are intended for learning purposes, as well as 18 vertical lines for ascending and descending, 12 rappel stances, 3 stances for passing edge obstructions, 2 roofs with slopes of 45% and 30%, over 20 stances set for rigging trainings. In addition, our facility in Krakow is equipped with fixed fall protection systems, such as: Soll, Haca, Faba, Skc, as well as a horizontal fall protection system. By the same token, our clients can find a use in the following: a 30 m high steel chimney intended for emergency evacuation exercises, electricity poles, lattice poles, a cable chamber, perch and concrete poles located in the training center of the Department of Energy Production and Use in Krakow that we keenly cooperate with. Last but not least, we also offer trainings on a 60 m high lattice tower.

The wide spectrum of offered facilities enables us to run complex training courses, firstly without the necessity of leaving our premises, and secondly at every weather. Thanks to our unique and mobile facilities, not only do we proceed with the trainings in our training center, but also across Poland. For instance, Rock Master provides courses in the training centers of the Department of Energy Production and Use, of the Department of Telecommunications and for multiple other clients.

On the 14th of July 2005,  Rock Master Training Center was accredited by the Board of Education of Lesser Poland as a „continuing education provider assisting its clients in obtaining and complementing their knowledge and professional qualifications in the working-at-height field” (as of NP.II.KU.094/19-7/PM).

Rock Master – a work-at-height training center located in Krakow – was accredited by IRATA on 16.05.2006 (under 6004/OT). IRATA (The Industrial Rope Access Trade Association) is an international association of industrial rope access companies and individual members, based in the UK.

Rock Master was the first Polish company to join the group of highly exclusive IRATA-accredited companies. We take a pride in the fact that our company has the widest experience in providing both IRATA trainings and other courses related to work-at-height safety standards in Poland.

Training Center in Warsaw

In November 2014, we opened a Training Center in Bielany in Warsaw, where we have a fully equipped training hall with a lecture hall and sanitary facilities.

The halls have been designed in such a way as to be able to implement all possible scenarios that may occur during work at height. On request, it is possible to order a meal during the training.

We offer a full range of training at the Center.

Training Center in Gdansk

Permanent Center in preparation. The trainings take place on the “Elewator” climbing wall. The training uses a construction based on products from the renowned Faraone company, adapted to all exercises and scenarios that may occur at work at height.

Meals available during training according to the wishes of the client.

All practical trainings are carried out at permanent training grounds in Krakow, Kostrzyn Wielkopolski, Warsaw and Gdańsk or temporary training grounds located anywhere in Poland, inside or outside, equipped with appropriate devices and anchorages enabling training at the level of min. 3 or 5 meters.