Rock Master is accredited by  IMBiGS – The Institute of Mechanized Construction and Rock Mining based in Warsaw – for conducting tranings for scaffold workers.


The training lasts 80 hours (7 days). Classes are held on a weekly basis and the majority are practical classes. Our instructors are experienced professionals who deal with the construction of scaffolding structures almost every day.

The training program was developed in accordance with IMBiGS guidelines. In addition, as we are an accredited training unit (accreditation of the Board of Education) specializing in the subject of safe work at height, in the training program for scaffolding fitters we have introduced an extended subject of safe work at height for works performed on scaffolding.

The training ends with a state exam in theoretical and practical part on the last, seventh day.

After obtaining a positive grade from the state exam, a certificate and an entry in the Booklet of the Operating Machines Operator are obtained.