We offer periodic equipment inspection services, such as:

  • personal fall protection equipment produced by Singing Rock, ISC, Tractel, Kratos and others
  • fixed fall protection systems, such as:
    • Fixed vertical fall protection rail system Faba, Soll, Vertic, Somain Italia, Tractel
    • Fixed vertical wire rope fall protection system SKC, Innotech, Vertic, Somain Italia, Tractel
    • Fixed single fall protection points
  • temporary fall protection systems
    • fixed vertical rope system
    • fixed horizontal rope system

Personal fall protection system is designed to protect its user against a fall from height, i.e. to save one’s life. Therefore, every worker needs to keep in mind that the equipment needs to be fully efficient and always ready for use. The equipment needs to be checked prior to use. It might happen that user’s assessment might not be accurate enough. Hence, at least once a year an external inspection shall be performed by a competent and well knowledgeable professional, as recommended by manufacturers and the EN 365 Standard.

The EN 365 standard specifies that a person competent to perform periodic tests is a person educated in the current requirements for periodic tests, recommendations and instructions issued by the manufacturer, used for a given component, subsystem or system.

Equipment that has not undergone a yearly external inspection mustn’t be used.

As the only company in Poland, we are authorized to review ISC equipment.


We conduct audit activities of facilities in regards to compliance with the working-at-height safety standards. The main objective of our audits is to pinpoint potentially hazardous locations in the working environment, to perform risk assessment and to provide suggestions for reducing the risks. Our audit activities are conducted in compliance with the Polish norms and regulations, such as:

  • fall protection procedures
  • procedures describing the course of works at height
  • requirements for fall protection equipment
  • types of working activities performed in a working site
  • a detailed risk assessment

Our audits are conducted by well-trained and experienced experts specializing in workplace health and safety regulations as well as in working-at-height safety procedures who have been actively performing this type of assessments since 1998.