The company Rock Master was founded by Mariusz Golkowski in 1990. The original aim of Rock Master was to run an extensive program of alpine mountaineering courses in all its aspects, such as: rock climbing and mountaineering.  In the 1980’s, Mariusz Golkowski – a very determined and charismatic rock climber, a teacher and a work-at-height expert – was awarded the professional title of a mountaineering instructor by the Polish Mountaineering Association (PZA). Experienced gained throughout his active life have skilled Mariusz Golkowski with the theoretical and practical know-how and lead him to another far-reaching contribution to mountaineering by founding Rock Master – a provider of high-quality training courses. In 1992, Mariusz Golkowski’s company has successfully erected the first commercial climbing wall in Poland.

In 1997, Rock Master rebranded itself and began to offer work-at-height safety training courses. To our success aids also the fact that we are never complacent about safety therefore we assist our trainees only with thoroughly chosen equipment manufactured by such renowned companies as Petzl and Singing Rock. Since 1999, Rock Master has been the exclusive distributor of equipment made by Singing Rock in Poland.In addition, we are distributors of Genesi, ISC and Tractel.

Our trainings are conducted in accordance with European standards and directives, Polish law, the Quality Management System according to ISO 9001, OHS and procedures based on the British BS 8454: 2006 standard – Code of Practice for the delivery of training and education for work at height and rescue.

In 2006, Rock Master was the first company in Poland to obtain the IRATA accreditation which has allowed us to use IRATA’s formal training and certification scheme and to carry out IRATA-designed training courses for the work-at-height sector. As required by the British norms for work-at-height training management systems, all our trainers and instructors are specialists and experts in their fields. Once every six months, they renew their licenses and undergo a rigorous assessment; every 3 years, they are obliged to pass exams conducted by British assessors. In 2012, Rock Master was accredited – being the first company in Poland – to carry out training courses in accordance to the American system SPRAT (The Society of Professional Rope Access Technicians).

Our qualifications and expertise are the key to our continuing success both in Poland and abroad. For instance, Rock Master delivers training courses in Germany. Moreover, we are delighted to host multiple trainees from such countries as France, the Czech Republic, Croatia, Austria, Germany, the Ukraine, Spain, Macedonia, Albania, Great Britain, the United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Azerbaijan and Belarus. Since 2007, Rock Master has been offering training courses directly in its Clients’ locations – what can be achieved by setting up temporary training centers that are supplied with equipment manufactured by Faraone – a company specializing in producing scaffolding and professional ladders.

Currently, Rock Master has a pleasure to offer 40 various training courses in the field of work-at-height safety.

Beyond that, we also:

  • supply fall protection equipment,
  • provide inspection services of fall protection systems and equipment,
  • design and build fixed fall protection systems,
  • conduct audit activities and design health and safety procedures.

Rock Master is constantly evolving. In 2017, we opened the Research and Development Center, where we project, produce, conduct research and tests on innovative devices protecting against falling from a height.