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Other trainings

Apart from work-at-height trainings, we are delighted to offer first aid courses, safety trainings for workers exposed to high electromagnetic fields, as well as general health and safety trainings intended for engineers, technicians, clerks and managers:


Other training courses




a training including basic resuscitation techniques in accordance with the international system of CPR/ BLS (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation/ Basic Life Support)


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a training in basic resuscitation techniques carried out in accordance with CPR/ BLS systems and applied in work-at-height environments


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a training in use of an automated external defibrillator (AED)




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First Aid


 a basic training in first aid providing a basic knowledge of what to do when responding to an injury, emergency or accident


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BLS/AED/First Aid


a full training offering a complete course on providing first aid. Upon successful completion of the course, the candidate receives an internationally valid Emergency First Response Certificate.


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Workers’ exposure to high electromagnetic fields


a training focusing on safety rules to adhere to when working in high electromagnetic fields


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Inspection of personal protection equipment




a training for everybody wishing to obtain qualification in regards to procedures to follow during periodical inspections of personal fall protection equipment


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General Workplace Health and Safety


a training in health and safety regulations for engineers, technicians, clerks and managers


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