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Safety Nets


This polypropylene type-S fall arrest net with a mesh size of 100x100mm exhibits increased load resistance (knotless nets). It is integrated with a border rope that has a diameter of 12mm and breaking strength of 30kN. This type-S safety net is intended for securing horizontal openings of the roofs. 

It fully conforms to EN-1263-1.

It is mostly used to minimize injury from falls for those working at heights in factory construction sites.














This type-V fall arrest net is supported by mobile gallows placed at a distance of max. 5m. It is an innovative personnel fall protection system that allows to prevent the fall both of people and materials from an edge of a building.
This gallow-supported system enables to place a net both on the outer and the inner side of the gallow (unlike the classical gibbet type), and to set the net at any angle depending only on the progress on the construction site. The system is quick and easy to assemble, especially when using a plastic base (that would be inserted into the fresh concrete).

















The purpose of these type-T safety nets is to prevent the fall of people and materials from an open edge.
The key features of the system are:


  • a polypropylene net with a mesh size of 100x100mm, equipped with a border rope that prevents at-height-working people from a fall, and integrated with a protective net that prevents materials and objects from falling down, 


  • a gallow (6mx3,2m) used for securing the net on the surface, anchored to the roof of a building;
  • The system is certified for falls up to 6 m;


  • Assembly, transport and disassembly of the system require a crane.


This system was designed and manufactured in accordance with all applicable norms and regulations, and complies with the provisions EN 1263-1 and EN 1263-2, that cover safety requirements for nets used in a working-at-height environment.





The purpose of these type-U safety nets is to prevent the fall of people and materials from a vertical flat surface (class A: 0°-10°) or a vertical tilted surface (class B: 10°-30°, class C: 30°-45°). The U-system complements the safety barriers that are compliant with EN 13374. It is highly recommended on the construction sites of skyscrapers due to the fact that it offers a full closure of the working area and a high wind-resilience.

It is possible to attach a dust protection net to the type-U safety net, either at its entire surface or on its curb (e.g. by the height of 1 m). This way the secured area would be protected against falling objects, dust and rubble. The assembly of the type-U net can be performed by means of heavy-load anchors, a safety tape-rope, barrier posts or scaffolding pipes (by interlacing the pipe through every mesh opening of the net).




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