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Safety Barriers



This plastic safety barrier is an example of personnel protection equipment widely used for the protection against fall from height on construction sites. It has been designed and tested in accordance with BS-EN 13374 for both Class A and B.


The plastic safety rail (1,5m wide x 1m high) is mounted on clip posts (corner/ counterweight/ impact posts - also applicable). The main fixation of the system can be also done via a plastic base inserted into the fresh concrete.


Key advantages of the system: light, resistant to UV radiation and harsh climatic conditions; can be easily and quickly assembled (The rail can be mounted onto the post anchorage with a single push of your foot. For dismounting, hit the lower part of the upper rail with the help of a hammer so that the plastic barrier detaches from the clip nests located in the posts).

















This personnel protection equipment complies with BS-EN 13374 for Class A, is intended for edge protection and mainly used in construction.




  • clip posts (that allow for mounting of the system to the roof (maximum opening of 150-400mm), walls and steel poles (maximum opening of 250mm), or posts anchored to the top or front roof surface (also enabling to attach a U-shaped safety net by means of the steel rings); 
  • two steel  galvanized railings in the length of 2,5m (+ elongated railings in the length of 1,5-2,4m);
  • an edge wood board.




The very limited amount of components enables for a quick and very easy assembly.







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