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Work at height services

We render the following work-at-height services:


  • window cleaning
  • painting of chimneys and other structures
  • roof snow plowing.


We look forward to all sorts of challenging tasks and requests. Would you be interested in obtaining more information in this regard, you are more than welcome to contact our technical department.  


Our company proudly demonstrates a long history of rendering work-at-height services. As early as in the 1980’s, we were involved in painting chimneys, poles and towers, as well as roof snow plowing and erecting protection structures in multiple construction sites. Furthermore, our employees performed on a regular basis rust proofing activities, cleaned cooling towers, patched buildings, renovated and eventually dismantled the Ironworks Factory in Krakow. The impeccable precision that our services demonstrate stems to a certain extent from the mountaineering experiences gained in the Tatra-Mountains and in the Alps. Our paramount objective was and is a strict adherence to safety procedures



Our employees are highly qualified and carry various certifications in work-at-height procedures, techniques and regulations, such as: level 3 certificates in international rope access systems (IRATA and SPRAT), periodic health and safety trainings, courses in construction, wind power plant and storage tank access, first aid courses and certifications in high altitude rescue operations. Our employees are qualified both for rendering work-at-height services and for supervising thereof. Every employee is covered by a third party liability insurance. Moreover, every six months every employee is subject to a strict assessment. Therefore we are exceptionally successful in achieving the highest standards and providing flawless services and exceptional products.


Our employees are devoted to maintaining not only safe working environments but also providing high-quality services. They keenly and skillfully approach challenges and have the know-how of handling and solving all kinds of may-occur difficulties.


All services rendered by us are covered by a service guarantee.




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