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Direct Entry

Direct Entry (DE) refers to a rope access candidate bypassing level 1 certification in order to become a certified level 2 or 3 technician.

Direct Entry will be available in Poland only for a limited period of time. As soon as there is a sufficient amount of level 2 and 3 technicians in Poland, Direct Entry will be irreversibly cancelled. Therefore, within the next several years, all qualified individuals with varied industrial rope access experience are invited to apply for DE. These are the requirements:


  • for level 2 technicians: demonstrates min. 1500 logged working hours using rope access techniques; joined IRATA as an independent member
  • for level 3 technicians: demonstrates min. 2500 logged working hours using rope access techniques; completed a certified first aid course; obtained the IRATA commercial accreditation or is employed by a company accredited by IRATA




Duties and qualifications of level 3 professionals:


  • to admit all level 1 and 2 professionals: to verify the validity of their medical check-ups; to verify the validity of their rope access and construction site trainings; to verify entries in the logbooks 
  • to create a health and safety protection plan: work projects, risk assessment, rescue procedures, equipment inspection
  • to conduct direct supervision of work operations
  • to secure rescue equipment
  • to carry out site trainings
  • to set up and to inspect all rope and fall protection systems
  • to verify and allow the use of personal protection hardware
  • to verify all performed duties in the logbooks
  • to conduct – when needed - a rescue operation


A level 2 certification validates one’s high qualifications in terms of rope access techniques. A level 2 professional can assist a level 3 professional, and is allowed - unsupervised – to set up ropes and working sites, to participate in rescue operations and to help with other matters that level 3 professionals are responsible for.   


A DE course for level 2 and 3 is 5 days long. The evaluation takes another 2 days. Before entering the course, an admission from an IRATA moderator is required.


Should you be interested in attending an IRATA Direct Entry course, feel free to contact us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .













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