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TRIPODS PRO-2 and PRO-3, Tuff Built

Product description:

  • 3-stage with 1 pulley and a chain
  • a compact application – the smallest folding tripods available on the market
  • a lightweight product featuring "Tuff-Klik" quick pin-less adjustment which eliminates lost or damaged locking pins
  • Compliant with: EN 795, EN 1496:2006, ANSI Z117.1, ANSI/ASSE Z359.4, OSHA 1910.14














Dimensions of tripods PRO-2 / PRO-3

  • Height: max: 2,26 m / 3,02m
  • Height after assembly: 1,22 m / 1,55m
  • Weight: 16,6 kg / 19,8 kg



  • a manual winch with brackets used to mount the tripod, length of the rope: 20m; weight: 13kg; working load: 180 kg; automatic breaks; EN 1496 B
  • SRL brackets and a pulley
  • a tripod bag










  • An electro-isolated telescopic bar 30kV up to 9,5m
  • A sling piton with a threaded fixing; versions: isolated/ soft
  • A working piton with an opening of 85mm; versions: isolated/ soft
  • An automatic fall arrest block HSG HK (dimensions: 3m, 4m, 5m, 6m, 8m, 10m)
  • A steel oval-shaped screwgate karabiner




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