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Evacuation by lowering is one of the rescue actions. This approach involved lowering the injured via ropes provided that he/ she is fully aware and can control the descent. In case the injured is not able to control the descent, this method is opted for only in open spaces or with use of an additional disengagement. This type of rescue operations is applicable for chimneys, towers, masts, platforms, lattice structures and flat roofs.

The lowering of the injured via ropes can occur only under the condition that the injured can be cut off from the anchorage point by means of a knife.


Examples of rescue equipment:

  1. a static rope 11mm in diameter - a rappel rope, white, 50m with loops
  2. a static rope 11mm in diameter  - a lifeline, red, 50 m with loops
  3. a modular rope guide and protector CATERPILLAR
  4. a descender for single rope with anti-panic system DOUBLE STOP
  5. a fall-arrest clamping mechanism RED + mallion SMALL OVAL + LARA 60cm+ 1 x aluminum oval karabiners
  6. a steel oval-shaped screwgate karabiner – 4 pcs.
  7. a two-layer sewed sling with eye and wear indicator EYE SLING 120cm – 2 pcs.
  8. a transport bag 50L
  9. a first aid kit
  10. a rescue knife







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