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Rope access

Rope access is a form of work positioning which allows workers to access difficult-to-reach locations by means of two ropes: a working line and a safety line. When working, rope access technicans use also a working line and a back-up fall arrest system for the unlikely failure of their primary means of support.


A sample set of rope access equipment includes:

  1. A full body harness EXPERT II
  2. A helmet PLASMA WORK
  3. A work positioning seat FRANKLIN
  4. A chest ascender CAM CLEAN
  5. A hand ascender LIFT
  6. A maillon BIG DELTA
  7. A maillon BIG D
  8. An adjustable ascender FOOTER II COMPLETE
  9. A connecting and anchor device LARA 60cm + a maillon SMALL OVAL

10. A connecting and anchor device LARA 80cm + a maillon SMALL OVAL

11. A fall-arrest clamping mechanism RED + mallion SMALL OVAL +LARA 60cm+ 1x aluminum oval-shaped karabiner

12.A steel oval-shaped karabiner – 10 pcs

13. A two-layer sewed sling with eye and wear indicator EYE SLING 120cm – 2 pcs.

14. A descender for single rope with anti-panic system DOUBLE STOP

15. A static rope 11mm in diameter – a rappel rope, white, 50m with loops

16. A static rope 11mm in diameter  - a lifeline, red,50 m with loops

17. A rope protector ROPE PROTECTOR 50cm – 2pcs.

18. An accessory cord 6mm REEP

19. A pulley EXTRA ROLL

20. A transport bag 6L and 50L



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