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Construction site access

A construction site access involves reaching the working site by means of climbing up the construction structures such as scaffolding, fixed and straight ladders, a mechanical power lift, lattices, balks, pylons, ladder masts, wood and concrete poles, stairways, and by means of crossing roofs and flat surfaces, platforms, staging areas and galleries. It is worth mentioning that the very working site might be free-standing, supported, hanging or restrained.

Below you can find listed examples of equipment parts used for construction site access:


  1. A fully adjustable harness with shoulder straps PROFI WORKER
  2. A safety helmet PLASMA WORK
  3. A shock absorber with a lanyard REACTOR 2"Y" 85 cm, equipped with 2 aluminum HMS karabiners LARGO with a wide gate opening, and one steel oval-shaped screwgate karabiner
  4. A snap hook MGO – 2 pcs. (complimentary to the shock absorber with a lanyard, for larger construction structures)
  5. An adjustable lanyard SITE 2m intended for working with an integrated fall-arrest clamping device LOCKER + 2x aluminum oval-shaped karabiners
  6. A two-layer sewed sling with eye and wear indicator EYE SLING
  7. A static rope 11mm, 10-15mm in length, intended for work in restrained environment + a fall-arrest clamping device LOCKER + Locker sling 20cm + 3 steel oval-shaped screwgate karabiners







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