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Welcome to Rock Master

Rock Master is a company aiming to promote safe and quality methods of working at height

This is achieved by:

  • carrying out trainings
  • supplying personnel protection equipment, such as safety nets, air mats and guardrails
  • providing equipment inspection services
  • distributing PPE (personal protective equipment)
  • manufacturing and assembling fixed protection systems
  • designing risk assessment procedures
  • delivering lectures for workplace health and safety officers  
  • conducting audit activities
  • rendering work-at-height services


Rock Master operates in accordance with European norms, directives and other relevant regulations. Since 1997, the company Rock Master has established itself as a leading provider of high quality fall protection products and services. Since 1991, it has been providing training services for individuals active in such fields as alpinism, telecommunications, construction and power industry, police, the Polish army and fire brigades. These experiences proved to be of paramount importance when it came to developing its own training methods.

Since 1998, we have:

         trained more than 50 000 people

         secured hundreds of workplaces

         delivered several hundreds of risk assessments

         trained a significant number of work-at-height instructors




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